7 April, 2019

This autism awareness month Action For Autism celebrated its 25th anniversary at our Annual day. Celebrate diversity : Celebrate autism was attended by students and ex- students, teachers, staff and support staff, residents of our home away from home, Ananda, parents, volunteers, friends and family and well wishers. Our Guest of Honor was Ms Sushma Sharma, President of Inner wheel club and our Honored guests were Ms Reeta Dhawan, Ms Seema Hazari, Ms Madhu Surekha from IWC. We were also joined Mr Pradeep and Mrs Simmi Mulani and Mr Vinod and Mrs Shalu Nagpal. This day took a lot of preparation and our individuals with autism not just participated but also helped behind the scenes from designing the flyer and decorating invitations to taking taking lovely photographs. Finally when the main day arrived it was nothing short of super! We kicked off the event with the Action song by the students and mamas of the Parent Child Training Program followed by Deboshree and her melodious voice. We had Mahi perform and 'the stone soup' by Yellow class that had our foot tapping. And the fun didn't stop there. Violet and Indigo tapped into the Desi in us and danced to bollywood numbers. Our very own Kshiria displayed her singing skills followed by another action song by the orange class. Aadhaar Vocational center, Green Vocational center and Blue class starred in the thought provoking 'Aakhir Kaun?' To end the day, Merry barua and Col Baba shared with us their words of wisdom. All in all the day was a celebration filled with fun.