It's play time!!

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Painting and having fun!!!

AFA's Annual day!!


"A society that views the interdependence of people every ability as valuable and enriching and seeks to provide equal opportunities for all."


"To facilitate a barrier free environment; to empower families as a catalyst for change that will enable persons with autism to live as fully participating members of the community."

Help is at hand

Autism is not something that is among the mainstream illness. Yet, surprisingly, 1 in 30 parent in India has a child who is autistic.

Indian Autism Registry

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Stats & Facts

Embracing Autism

We are Action For Autism (AFA)

the pioneering, national and non-profit autism society of India. We provide support and services to persons with autism and those who work with them in South Asia. Founded in 1991, we are a parent organisation began with the goal to "put autism on the Indian map."

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