Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2018

21 October 2018
JLN stadium, New Delhi

Running events all around the world are associated with community spirit and togetherness. Keeping that in mind AFA has been participating in the Delhi Half Marathon since its first edition. This year we received a generous 44 registrations from people belonging to all walks of life, adults with autism, parents and young volunteers and trainees. A unit of over 100 CISF personnel ran with us for the cause of autism. AFA ran with the objective of raising awareness about autism in India and bringing neuro-diversity to the fore of talks about disability in the country. Our kids had a blast walking in the pleasant early morning breeze in the heart of Delhi for a whole 2.2 kms, engaging in laughter and adrenaline. We can’t wait to make our presence bigger, better and more impactful next year.