Recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India, the Diploma in Education in Special Education - Autism Spectrum Disorders (D.Ed.Spl Ed-ASD) is a two-year intensive training programme for those interested in developing a career in special needs, with a particular focus on autism. Action for Autism (AFA) conducts this course in affiliation with NIEPMD, Chennai.

AFA has an extremely experienced pool of experts to train the students enrolled in this course. The training gives equal emphasis on both the theoretical and practical aspects of working with individuals on the autism spectrum. The trainees learn through various modes like workshops, talks/lectures by experts, field visits, assignments, videos, as well as practical ‘hands on’ exposure, etc.

On successful completion of the two-year course the trainees can find placements in special schools, mainstream schools, or NGO’s working in the field of autism.


The aim of this course is to prepare the trainee teacher to screen, assess, educate and train persons with autism in individual and/or group settings. On completion of the course the trainee teacher is expected to:

  1. Understand the characteristics and etiology of ASD and associated conditions
  2. Be familiar with the process of screening and diagnosis of ASD
  3. Be acquainted with the stages of child growth & development and psychology of learning
  4. Understand the objectives of general education, and organization of special education services
  5. Plan and implement educational programs, selecting teaching methods suitable for people with ASD, keeping in mind the specific needs of each individual concerned.
  6. Develop suitable educational programs for individuals with conditions associated with ASD
  7. Integrate the prescribed therapeutic programs within a classroom
  8. Understand the needs of family and promote integration of person with ASD within family and community.

For registration or any further inquiries, please write an email to
trainings.afa@autism-india.org or contact us.

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